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Kansas - Employment Across Counties and Regions of a Selected Industry

Introduction & Summary

Analyze and investigate Kansas' industry structure and performance of any county economy over 1969-2022. Choose and compare among three alternative measures: Employment, Earnings and Average Earnings Per Job. Location quotients help you diagnose and identify those industries where economic activity is most concentrated. Individual industry growth rates are benchmarked against the overall average, and to their counterparts nationally, to guide you in pinpointing those industries that have led, and those that have lagged.

Structure and Perfomance Across Counties and Regions for a Selected Industry

Select an indicator of interest to contrast and compare findings and results across all industry sectors for employment, earnings, average earnings per job, or gross domestic product.


  1. From the "Analysis Options Menu" to the right, select an individual region of interest to contrast and compare findings and industry results.

Additional Notes on Employment

The employment estimates compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) measure the number of full- and part-time employees, plus the number of proprietors of unincorporated businesses. People holding more than one job are counted in the employment estimates for each job they hold. This means BEA employment estimates represent a job count, not a number-of-people employed count. Also, BEA employment estimates are by place-of-work, rather than by place-of-residence.

Additional Suggested Analysis

To view and examine the short vs. long term growth of all 105 Kansas counties click on the graph below.

Transportation and Warehousing Growth by County

County vs Statewide Average: 2013-2021 and 2022

Transportation and Warehousing by County
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